Why Hire A Workers Compensation Attorney When Exposed To Toxic Chemicals At Work

Posted on: 6 February 2023

If you realize that you've been exposed to toxic substances, it's important to act quickly to protect your health. Even though employers have a duty of care to ensure that their workers are not exposed to unsafe work environments or materials, when it's clear that they're not doing enough, you should stand up for yourself.

When you decide to take legal action against the company you're working for, it's crucial to ensure that you're fighting a winning battle. That's why instead of pursuing the matter alone, you should hire a workers compensation attorney. Read along to learn how the legal representative will be of assistance.

Expedite the Process 

Any job-related legal case can take up quite a bit of time and usually involves complex procedures that must be carried out to ensure maximum success. If you are alone, the endless bureaucracy could overwhelm you, forcing you to throw in the towel. That's why your first order of business when you decide to pursue legal action is to hire a workers compensation attorney. The attorney will use their connections in the legal field to expedite the process to ensure justice isn't delayed.

Determine How Much Damage the Toxic Chemicals Have Caused

The effects of toxic substance exposure can be extensive and long-lasting, which can lead to a significant amount of damage. And since this is why you're pursuing legal action, you should establish how much damage the toxic chemicals have caused.

This is where hiring a lawyer comes in; the legal representative will use their experience and expertise to accurately establish how your health has been affected so far. They'll achieve this by liaising with a reliable medical facility for extensive medical tests.

Establish the Merit of Your Case

Based on the outcomes of your medical tests, the testimonies of fellow employees, and extensive research into your case, an attorney will establish the merit of your case. If they can't find concrete evidence to back up your claims, the attorney will be honest about it, so you don't proceed with a losing legal battle. However, if they've succeeded in building a strong case against the company, they'll let you decide if you're willing to proceed with the case.

Offer Unwavering Legal Support

Once you successfully file a compensation claim, the attorney will offer unwavering legal support until a resolution is reached. If the company agrees to an out-of-court settlement, the lawyer will engage the company's insurer on your behalf to ensure they don't use tactics to lower your settlement. And if the case ends up in court, you can rest easy knowing that your attorney will secure a favorable ruling by delivering a compelling argument.

You should seek legal counsel from a workers compensation attorney when pursuing legal action against your company. The legal representative will give you the legal support you need to stand up for yourself. For more information, contact a workers compensation attorney near you.