Don't Underestimate Your Damages After A Bicycle Accident

Posted on: 10 November 2020

If you are injured while riding your bike, you'll be in a lot of pain depending on the severity of the accident. There are all sorts of damages you might suffer, and you'll want to make sure that you factor in each one of them so you can make sure to receive the largest settlement possible. You are not only entitled to compensation for your medical expenses, but also for any inconveniences you experience and lost wages.

Medical Damages

After being injured on your bike, you will want to head to the doctor as soon as possible. Even if you believe you are not very injured, you'll want to receive treatment from a hospital, because any injuries that are undetected might turn out to be much worse than you expected. However, if you fail to go to the doctor, you may have a more difficult time taking legal action against the defendant because he may argue that you must not have been very injured if you didn't report your injuries immediately.

You will not only be entitled to compensation for all doctor's visits, but your doctor may recommend physical therapy so you can fully recover. You will be entitled to compensation for this as well. Even if your health insurance covers some or all of your medical bills, you'll still want the defendant to compensate you for damages.

Inability to Work

Because a bicycle offers no protection, you can suffer very serious injuries as a result of an accident on a bicycle. Your injuries might make it too painful to work, and you may not be able to perform activities that would be necessary for your job.

When this happens, you'll need compensation both for lost wages and future wages you may have earned. Since you'll only receive a single settlement, you do not want to accept a settlement that doesn't take into consideration future lost wages.


While this is often overlooked, you should never forget to take into consideration the suffering you have experienced. However, the defendant will not want to offer a substantial settlement for pain and suffering. Therefore, you'll need help from a personal injury attorney when calculating pain and suffering. 

You'll also want to consider how the accident diminished your qualify of life. You may have suffered from a head injury that affects your cognitive abilities. You may be afraid to ride a bike. You deserve compensation for every manner in which your life was adversely affected by the accident.

For more information about how injury lawyers can help you get settlement for an accident, contact a local law office.