Questions About Appealing Your Speeding Ticket

Posted on: 19 April 2018

Do you feel like you received a speeding ticket that was not deserved, only to fight it in court and have a judge rule against you? Not only will it ruin your day, but it will cost you money. Thankfully, your options go beyond just paying your speeding ticket after receiving an initial judgment, since you can appeal the original decision. Here are some questions you may have about fighting the ticket.

Can A Speeding Ticket Be Appealed?

Know that you can always appeal your speeding ticket and take the case to a higher court, which is true of any court case. The trick is making sure that you appeal the ticket by the deadline. Each state has its own laws, so make sure that you meet the requirements to get your formal appeal in.

Is A Court Decision Worth Fighting?

Unfortunately, many drivers decide that it is not worth appealing a speeding ticket decision because the process is time-consuming. It will involve taking time off of work, which can potentially cost you more than what it would be to just pay the ticket if you work freelance or hourly. However, there are consequences beyond the fine that you should be concerned about.

Speeding tickets will go on your record as a moving violation, which can cause your insurance to increase as a result. If you have a job that involves driving a vehicle, a speeding ticket can potentially cause you to lose employment opportunities in the future. If you feel like you have a valid defense, consider moving forward with the appeal

How Can A Speeding Ticket Be Appealed?

The process starts by letting the court know that you will appeal the ticket, and have a jury or judge render their own decision. Your local court clerk office will have the necessary paperwork to fill out and submit. Be aware that filing an appeal may require that a fee is paid, but it is may only be collected if your appeal is lost.

Your state may have requirements to file paperwork that requests that the court transcripts and records from your first court case are forwarded to your local appeals court. This will also ensure that evidence is forwarded as well.

All you do next is wait for your court date to fight the original decision. If you feel you need help going through this process, work with a local law office like Wood & Rabil  LLP.