When Serious Injury Strikes

Posted on: 2 October 2017

For minor traffic accidents or slip and fall cases in stores, you can expect some level of help from the at-fault parties. In most cases, you can have your medical bills and a few other damages covered without having to do much more than file a claim. Not all injuries are minor and simple, however. The below three types of injuries are more difficult to prove and can be a lot more complicated to litigate. Read on to learn more about these three more serious injuries.

Catastrophic and Severe Injuries

Long after most injuries have healed and you've returned to your normal day-to-day activities, some injuries continue to affect your life. In the case of more severe injuries, such as burns, head injuries, amputations, spine injuries and more, your ability to work at your job and your enjoyment of life is impacted in a major way. If you are facing a permanent injury, your family will also suffer from loss of companionship and more. You will need a personal injury attorney who understands how this injury has affected you and how it will continue to affect you for the remainder of your life. Counting on an insurance carrier to fairly compensate you for injuries at this level is likely a futile effort.

Toxic Substance Exposure

These types of injuries are often associated with workplace injuries, but don't expect workers' comp to properly compensate you. Often, the exposure to the toxic substance, such as asbestos, began years ago. Over time, the cumulative effect of the substance has left you with permanent and disabling damage. When it comes to litigating these types of suits, you need a law firm that can rally the needed experts, particularly medical and technical experts, to help you win your case. In some cases, your employer may be liable for negligence, in other cases the manufacture of the toxic substance will be the target of your suit. You must be prepared to fight the giant corporations and their legal teams to get money damages, and in some cases, you may be able to join a class action lawsuit already in progress.

Medical Malpractice

Just like the toxic substance suits, medical malpractice can mean going against a well-prepared team of attorneys for the insurance carrier. In cases like this, your medical records must be procured in a timely manner from the very location that is the target of your lawsuit, which can make it all the more challenging. It takes an attorney who specializes in medical malpractice since this is a very specific and technical field of law.

Seek help as soon as you know you have one the above special kinds of injuries. Contact a law firm like The Gil Law Firm for more information and assistance.